Monte Carlo Workshop 2001


Day 1 - April 18, 2001

Welcome presented by Mike Witherell

Goals of Workshop presented by Joey Huston

CDF Experience with Monte Carlos in Run 1 and expectations for Run 2 presented by Marjorie Shapiro

D0 Experience with Monte Carlos in Run 1 and expectations for Run 2 presented by John Womersley

Herwig Event Generator presented by Bryan Webber

Pythia Status Report presented by Torbjorn Sjostrand

Isajet presented by Frank Paige

CompHep:Automatic Calculations from Lagrangians to Events presented by Edward Boos

Madgraph presented by Tim Stelzer

Automatic Construction of Lagrangians and the Deduction of Rules for Supersymmnety Models presented by Jian-Xiong Wang

ALPHA presented by Mauro Moretti

Matrix Element Corrections to Herwig presented by Gennaro Corcella

Matching of ME with PS in PYTHIA presented by Torbjorn Sjostrand

Multijet Processes in Hadronic Collisions: Partonic ME and Shower Evolution presented by Michelangelo Mangano


Day 2 - April 19, 2001

MSU/CTEQ: Uncertainties on Parton Distributions presented by Jon Pumplin

MRST Parton Distributions and Errors? presented by Robert Thorne

Parton Density Uncertainties presented by Walter Giele

NLO Tools Corrections using the Monte Carlo MCFM presented by John Campbell

Resummation Tools of the Qt kind presented by Csaba Balazs

Tuning QCD Event Generators - The LEP Experience presented by Bill Gary

The HERA Experience presented by Ursula Bassler

Comments on Monte Carlo Generators for Top Analyses presented by Lina Galtieri

Electroweak Measurements at the Tevatron presented by Alan Sill

A Monte Carlo Wishlist presented by Bruce Knuteson

A Phenomenologist's Reality List presented by Steve Mrenna

ISASUSY presented by Howie Baer

SUSYGEN presented by Emmanuelle Perez

(S)PYTHIA 2001 presented by Steve Mrenna

SUSY in Herwig presented by Peter Richardson


Day 3 - April 20, 2001

The EvtGen Event Generator Package presented by Anders Reid

DIPHOX and the PHOX family presented by Jean-Phillipe Guillet

Rapidity Gaps and Multiple Interactions presented by Leif Lonnblad

The Underlying Event in Hard Scattering Processes presented by Rick Field

WGRAD/ZGRAD: parton level MC programs for electoweak corrections in weak boson production at hadron colliders presented by Uli Baur

Fast Resummation in Vector Boson Production presented by Pavel Nadolsky

Fully Differential QCD c=Corrections to Single Top Production presented by Zack Sullivan

Hadronic Diboson Production: Incorporating NLO (alpha_s) Matrix Elements in the HERWIG Showering Event Generator presented by Matt Dobbs

Experimental and Predicted Features of Top Production and Showers presented by Steve Vejcik

StdHep, HepMC and HepPDT presented by Lynn Garren

PYTHIA 7 (PYTHIA -> C++) presented by Leif Lonnblad

Herwig++ Monte Carlo presented by Alberto Ribon

Monte Carlo Simulation of Hadron Collider Physics presented by Bryan Webber


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