Fermilab Users' Meeting 2006

Index of Presenters

"Rising Above the Gathering Storm" by Norman Augustine
"Congressional Perspective" by Judy Biggert
"Trilepton searches at CDF " by Anadi Canepa
"MINOS Results " by Phil Adamson
"News from the NSF " by Jon Kotcher
"Inclusive jet cross section measurement at Dzero" by Mikko Voutilainen
"Observational Astrophysics at Fermilab: SDSS, DES, SNAP " by Gajus Miknaitis
"Top Mass and Single Top " by Freya Blekman
"ILC/T2K " by Hiro Aihara
"Hadronic top mass measurement at CDF " by Petteri Mehtala
"Auger " by Nicholas Busca
"Tevatron II: Vector Bosons " by Elliott Lipeles
"Electron Cooling" by Alexander Shemyakin
"MiniBooNE,NOvA,MINERvA " by Zelimir Djurcic
"EPP 2010 " by Harold Shapiro
"News from the Universities Research Association " by Fred Bernthal
"URA Thesis Prize Presentation " by Jean-Francois Arguin
"Tollestrup Prize" by Ivan Tollestrup
"Measurement of the Oscillation Frequency" by Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos
"News from CMS " by Michel Della Negra
"LHC Physics Center Activities" by Kevin Burkett
"CDMS " by Jonghee Yoo
"Constraining inverse curvature with SNe data " by Olga Mena Requejo
"News from the DOE" by Robin Staffin
" Secondary production measurements for MiniBooNE" by David Schmitz
"Tevatron Results III: Top Properties" by Charles Plager
"Tevatron IV: Higgs Searches" by Kazu Hanagaki
"Superconducting RF Cavity Testing at Fermilab" by Tim Koeth
"Director's Report" by Pier Oddone

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